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Senior Information

How to Join

There are a few things you need to do to join:

  1. Complete our sign up form. If you are joining a specific team with friends, family etc please note that on the form. If not we will contact you when an available spot comes free on any team.

  2. Register with the association. For the City of Sydney Basketball Association this is done here and must be done before your first game.

  3. Order a jersey. These are purchased through our supplier Sportility here.

Competition Details

Teams at Dulwich-Newtown Basketball Club generally play in the City of Sydney Basketball Association competitions. All senior competition games are played in the evenings at Comet Stadium in Alexandria.

Competitions run year-round and the year is split into three seasons. These are the dates for 2020 seasons:

  • Season 1 runs 15th January to 10th May.

  • Season 2 runs 5th May to 30th August.

  • Season 3 runs 18th August to 13th December.​


We enter teams in every division. If you are new to the club please indicate which you think would be an appropriate starting point.​

Men's Premier League and Div 1 - Mondays

Men's Div 2 - Tuesdays

Men's Div 3A, 3B and 3C - Thursdays

Men's Div 4A, 4B and 4C - Sundays

Women's Premier League and Div 1 - Wednesdays

Women's Div 2, 3 and 4 - Tuesdays

Women's Div 5 - Thursdays


The individuals on each team make the choice whether to run regular training or not for their team. The majority of our senior teams choose not to.


There are three main costs involved in playing basketball:

  1. Registration payment goes to Basketball NSW and the City of Sydney Basketball Association. This lasts 12 months and includes insurance coverage. The cost is $145 for senior players.

  2. Playing fees. A single invoice for each team's fees is sent to a nominated team manager and the amount is split up between the members. It varies team to team, however is roughly $200 per player per season.

  3. Uniform cost. Some of our senior teams have arranged their own custom uniforms. If the team wears the standard Dulwich-Newtown uniform, it can be purchased here.

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