Each team needs to appoint a Team Manager and a Assistant Manager from the parents of your team. At every game a supervising parent must be at the game or else the team cannot take the court.

The role of a Team Manager is not onerous, it involves sending a text message to each player or parent each week, liaising with coaches and also supervising each game in case issues arise. It also involves doing a duty roster and letting parents know that they must do duty on a weekly basis with the team text message. 

Junior Coaches may be under 18. We are required to provide an adult Team Manager to sit on the bench at all times during games for teams who have a Junior Coach assigned.

Please email: basketball@dulwichnewtown.com if you are interested in managing your child's team or coaching a team.

NOTE - If a team DOES NOT have a Team Manager, then that Team cannot participate in the competition . This is why it is very important that someone, preferably 2-3 parents volunteer to share duties.




DNBC always needs help! If you have a particular skill that you would like to offer to the club, eg. Accountant, Lawyer, Sponsorship, help out on a committee or sports administration, please contact Meghan to offer your services. 

A club our size always need help, and aid does not always need to monetary in nature. Whatever skills you have, we ill gladly accept your help.

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