• Saturdays at Alexandria Basketball Stadium - 53 Maddox Street for all younger age groups (U14 and younger).

  • Under 16 and U18 Men play at Marrickville PCYC on a Saturday afternoon or at Alexandria on a Friday night.

  • U16 and U18 Women play at Alexandria on a Friday night.


       Every player must:

  1. Arrive no later than 30 minutes before your game is due to start

  2. Bring water and a sweat towel

  3. Respect your coach

  4. Each team must provide one person to do bench, every game. That person should be courtside, ready to do bench 5 minutes before the end of the previous game, so our teams do not lose out on court time or be docked points

  5. Always give your best 

  6. Listen to your coaches

  7. Follow the Code Of Conduct

  8. Always wear your uniform with pride



  • Every team must provide a person to do bench at each game. The Team Manager will provide a roster once the draw is out, and each family is required to do bench duty on the nominated day. You end up doing duty approximately 1-2 (3 at most) times per season, depending on how many players are in each team. It is not hard, and the referees will show you how. Please ensure you are available to do duty at least twice per season. If you are unable to make your nominated day, please swap with another parent.

  • Each team must have 1-2 managers from the Team parents:
    Please note that we cannot put any team into the competition unless there is a volunteer for the Manager role. The Manager role is not onerous – it would take no more than 1-2 hours per week of time, even less if shared amongst 2 people.

  • The reason that adult Managers are important is that some of our older junior players will be coaching this season, but some are still under 18 years old. Each team MUST have an adult supervisor at each game or the game cannot proceed.


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