Code of Conduct

DNBC’s Basketball Player Code of Conduct sets the standard of behaviour required by every Newtown Basketball player, ensuring that all players:


  • Enjoy their experience of playing basketball for our club

  • Improve as basketball players

  • Assist their team to improve overall

  • Listen to their Coach and Manager

All players MUST abide by this Code and any Code of Conduct set by any association in which their team plays, as well as the BNSW Code of Conduct.

Player Behaviour Expectations

Our club wants all our players to experience basketball in the best way possible. In addition to abiding by the BNSW Player Code of Conduct, we also ask that our players:

  1. enjoy playing basketball for our Club;

  2. do their best to improve as basketball players; and

  3. assist their team to improve.

With this in mind, we ask that our players:

  • Be coachable.

  • Play with tenacity and practice hard.

  • Show teamwork, commitment and respect.

  • Attend training (training is compulsory)

  • Commit themselves to improvement in everything they do, not just basketball!

  • Respect referees, officials and opposing teams.

  • Abide by any individual Association Code of Conduct of any venue in which they play

  • Wear their club uniform with pride.

  • Support and encourage your team mates.

  • Accept constructive feedback from their coaches and team mates.

  • Always strive for continuous improvement - train and play, with 100% intensity, focus and effort.

  • Play for your team’s benefit (individual stats are not the goal!).

  • Play fairly, with composure and self-discipline - there is zero tolerance for violent or unsportsman like conduct.

More on behaviour expectations for Players

Parent Behaviour Expectations


Our club wants all our players and members, to experience basketball in the best way possible. In addition to abiding by the BNSW Spectators Code of Conduct, we also ask that our parent members:

  • Understand that many of our Club employees are volunteers. Follow the proper channels for raising any issues.

  • Do their share of Bench Duty.

  • Understand that Court time is earned by their child’s attendance at training and their commitment to their team.

  • Respect Court officials, Coaches and Managers. It is key to your child’s development to see you respecting these volunteers.

  • Ensure your child is registered with BNSW and the correct Association. 

  • Pay your team fees. 

  • Remember, the players are children. It is not up to you to relive your own basketball dreams through them. Let them enjoy the game just as you did. 

More on Parental Behaviour Expectations

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